Trick Box is an amazing strategy that we use to support children in developing positive life habits to help manage challenges in all kinds of life situations. It is an emotional management and personal development programme aimed to develop four key areas: confidence, communication, creativity and calmness. It’s simple, fun and effective.

As children are given their own trick card to bring home, once it’s been introduced, parents are able to practise these with their children at home.

Trick Box helps children:

      • Build confidence and self esteem

      • Manage emotions and anxiety

      • Develop communication skills and positive actions

      • Create and achieve personal goals

      • Coach themselves through challenges

Children are introduced to 24 ‘tricks’ and a simple self-coaching model called the Letter Box, designed to give them positive habits for life.

Teachers introduce the use of tricks in assemblies and/or class time and reinforce these through the school day. As children bring home their trick cards, once they have been introduced, parents are able to practise these with their children at home.

To help support the skills your child is learning at school, we also run a Trick Box parents’ programme. This course runs alongside the children’s programme, addressing and building the same areas of personal skills: stress, confidence, assertiveness and goals.

The parents’ Trick Box programme is a fun, weekly course which runs in partnership with Mengham Infant School. For more information and to secure a place on the course, please contact Leah Gornall (Home School Link Worker).

Stand Tall
Think about the good things about you.
Breathing Colour
Breathe in your calm colour.
Floating Cloud
Imagine floating on a cloud.
Win Win
Think - how can we both win?
Free Flow
Do things you like and something new.
Big Voice
Believe in yourself.
Magic Circle
Make a magic circle with your thumb and finger.
Sunny Side
When something seems bad, find a sunny side.
Big No
Think - sometimes you need to say No.
Light Bulb
Think of the answer, not the problem.
Big Yes
Think - could saying Yes be good?
Stand As If
If you want to feel confident or happy - stand or sit like that.
Super States
Think strong, confident thoughts.
Signal Change
Make a change and go.
Break Through
Break through the wall.
Ask How
Ask - How can I ...?
Brilliant Beliefs
Keep a list of the great things about you.
Super Stretch
Stretch your comfort zone.
Different Sum
Do something different.
Calm Thumb
Breathe slowly and rub your thumb.
123 Magic
Put your worry on your finger tip.
Marvellous Me
Say - Well done to yourself.
Great Goals
Imagine your steps to reach your goal.