Remote Learning Offer

Mengham Junior School: Remote Education Offer


Our remote education has been designed to blend with the curriculum the children would have been completing had they been in school.  Our aim is to minimise the disruption for your child’s education and so our remote offer is guided by these principles:

  • Our remote education covers the National Curriculum subjects we would expect to be teaching that half term;
  • It retains a strong focus on core concepts and skills, especially in reading, writing and maths;
  • It covers the same content as would be taught in school;
  • It is designed to be inclusive and inspirational with an awareness of children’s emotional needs;
  • We aim to provide learning that is as manageable as possible for parents and carers with different circumstances at home.

There are two main situations that may arise meaning your child needs to learn remotely.  Either your child has been asked to self-isolate because of a positive COVID-19 test in the household, or there has been a bubble closure or the government has restricted children’s attendance at school.

The remote learning we offer will be different in each of these scenarios due to staffing capacity as outlined below.


Remote learning as a result of restricted attendance at school (as per lockdowns 1 and 3) or a bubble closure

Children will access their learning through Google Classroom and all children have had experience of using this platform at school.

Each week, we will provide a timetable of lessons your child is expected to carry out at home.  This timetable is a suggested timetable and parents may wish to reorganise this to suit their and their child’s needs.

Each day will consist of an arithmetic task, a maths lesson, an English lesson, a reading activity and a foundation lesson.

For up to half an hour each morning, children will log into Google Classroom and access a meeting with their class teacher through Google Meets.  This meeting allows children to register and for the teacher to explain the learning for the day.

All the learning links will be provided on Google Classroom.  Each lesson will consist of a pre-recorded video to support the development or consolidation of skills required for the lesson and well planned tasks that will allow your child to practise and apply these skills.

Children are asked to submit their work to their teacher, either through a dedicated class email address or by ‘turning in’ their learning to Google Classroom.

On Friday afternoons, there will be an opportunity for your child to engage with a fun activity online with their class peers.  This is in order to support their emotional and social development.


There are three ways that teachers will give your child feedback on their learning.  Firstly, feedback may be provided to the whole class during the morning live sessions.  Secondly, individual feedback may be provided to children via the class email, Google Classroom or children can drop in with their class teacher via Google Meets in the afternoon. This feedback could be in the form of an explanation regarding something your child is stuck on, addressing a misconception they might have, or give them an extension challenge to deepen their learning.

Additional support for those with specific needs

As in school, learning will be pitched at an appropriate level for your child.  This may mean that their learning is different to others in their class.  In order to maintain privacy, each child’s learning is available only to them through Goggle Classroom: your child will not have to select from a range of differentiated tasks to find their own.

Any other support or provision will be discussed with parents individually.


Remote learning as a result of an individual requiring a period of self-isolation

Due to staffing capacity, it is not possible to provide the remote access offer outlined above when school is running as normal.  However, children will be expected to complete activities linked to the learning that is taking place in school.  Links to teaching videos and learning tasks will be provided on Google Classroom but there will not be an option to check in with a teacher daily for feedback.  Instead, the child’s class teacher will call twice during the isolation period to check that there are no difficulties with the learning and to provide feedback.


Accessing remote education

We want to make it as easy as possible for your child to learn at home. Wherever possible, we set learning that doesn’t require access to a printer or specialised resources.  Access to a laptop is desirable (however learning can be accessed via a tablet or smart phone).

If you don’t have a laptop/tablet for your child to work on please contact us. We have a limited stock of devices that we can lend to families who need them.  Please note, there is criteria for the issuing of devices.  We also have a limited number of 4G sim cards that can be provided.  Please contact the school if you require one.