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Mengham Junior School


A Christmas Carol – Year 4 Production

“Congratulations to the children and teachers, amazing performance”

“Excellent show, they worked very hard”

“What a lovely show! We did enjoy it and loved the children’s enthusiasm.  We were impressed with how confident they were”

“I loved every minute!  Well done Year 4”

“Children were all amazing”

“A great performance with wonderful singing.  Mrs Fletcher certainly deserves an Oscar”

“Very talented pupils”

“Brilliant and fun”

“A very good play with lots of lovely songs, well done”

“Very good production, very impressive and lots of fun”

“Superb performance, the children obviously loved it”

“The children had a great time”

“Lovely to see the children enjoying themselves”

“Well done year 4. Great show, very brave of you all”

“Brilliant, so many songs to learn!  They did brilliantly”


“What a wonderful, wonderful performance”

“Thank you for everyone’s hard work, a great show, love the songs”

“Fantastic!  Lots of confident performance and children looked like they were having fun!  Thank you”

“Absolutely amazing show!  Well done everyone”

“A fantastic performance and also nice to see every child had a part to play or a line to speak”

“Great fun and the children clearly enjoyed performing it!”

“Excellent.  Boys and girls all brilliant”

“Brilliant, lovely to watch.  Thank you Year 4 and teacher for hard work”

“Great year 4 performance, singing was great and really good acting”

“I really enjoyed the performance.  It was easy to follow and great to see all year 4 involved and enjoying it.  Amazing costumes!  Great songs”

“Thank you Year 4!  We loved it!  Great singing, dancing and acting!”