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Mengham Junior School

A Christmas Carol – Year 4 Production

“Congratulations to the children and teachers, amazing performance”

“Excellent show, they worked very hard”

“What a lovely show! We did enjoy it and loved the children’s enthusiasm.  We were impressed with how confident they were”

“I loved every minute!  Well done Year 4”

“Children were all amazing”

“A great performance with wonderful singing.  Mrs Fletcher certainly deserves an Oscar”

“Very talented pupils”

“Brilliant and fun”

“A very good play with lots of lovely songs, well done”

“Very good production, very impressive and lots of fun”

“Superb performance, the children obviously loved it”

“The children had a great time”

“Lovely to see the children enjoying themselves”

“Well done year 4. Great show, very brave of you all”

“Brilliant, so many songs to learn!  They did brilliantly”


“What a wonderful, wonderful performance”

“Thank you for everyone’s hard work, a great show, love the songs”

“Fantastic!  Lots of confident performance and children looked like they were having fun!  Thank you”

“Absolutely amazing show!  Well done everyone”

“A fantastic performance and also nice to see every child had a part to play or a line to speak”

“Great fun and the children clearly enjoyed performing it!”

“Excellent.  Boys and girls all brilliant”

“Brilliant, lovely to watch.  Thank you Year 4 and teacher for hard work”

“Great year 4 performance, singing was great and really good acting”

“I really enjoyed the performance.  It was easy to follow and great to see all year 4 involved and enjoying it.  Amazing costumes!  Great songs”

“Thank you Year 4!  We loved it!  Great singing, dancing and acting!”

Aladdin – December 2016

“A joy to watch, you can tell how hard everyone has worked on the production.”

“Performance was fantastic.  Loved the singing, well done Mengham Juniors.”

“Excellent performance, really happy and enthusiastic children.  We loved singing along, well done everyone you are superstars!”


“An amazing show!  Loved every minute of it.  Great choice of songs too.  Well done to all involved, you were amazing.”

“Absolutely fantastic performance, well done everyone.”

“All the children were superstars!  Amazing!”

“Great performance, kids obviously enjoyed it.”

“Excellent performance, very clear speaking and good expression.  Loved the song choices.”

“Absolutely awesome!  The children were amazing and made us laugh, cry and cheer for more!”

“It was so nice to see all the children taking part and enjoying themselves.  Those with a lot of dialogue did well and those sat awaiting their turn did so quietly”.

“Brilliant, the children are so confident, well done.”

“Very enjoyable.  The children were so happy and having fun.  Had good volume and humour.”

“Very good production.  All the children were brilliant and the staff that organised it did a fantastic job.  It was obvious that a lot of hard work has gone into it.  Well done Mengham Juniors.”

“It was an extraordinary experience.  The kids were amazing.  For me as a parent was brilliant.  Thank you teachers for this awesome time you gave us.  Was absolutely great!  Thank you.”


July 2016

“Thank you for all your help and cooperation working with my son this year!”

“Thank you for organising us and making us feel so very welcome at the school.  You always have a smile and time for us.”

“Thank you for always being so helpful and kind, you’re all so welcoming.”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for us throughout my children’s schooling.  We will miss you.”

“Thank you for all your help through the year, enjoy the summer.”

“Thank you for all your kindness and help.”


One Planet Future

“Fabulous!  Areal joy to see everyone having such fun!  Another great performance!”

“Excellent play, credit to the school, thank you Year 6 and the teachers”

Absolutely fantastic!  Year 6 have obviously worked very hard.  What a brilliant performance and amazing set and costumes!”

“Excellent play really enjoyed it.  Great.”

“Best school play ever.”

“Amazing!!  Fantastic.  What a great school.”

“Great outfits.  Really good show.”

“Great performance, fantastic acting.”

“Fantastic.  Well done all on the play and your SATs results.  Brilliant job staff and pupils.”

“Actually the best play I’ve seen from this school, well done Year 6.”

“Brilliant!  It’s lovely to see how their confidence has grown during their time at Mengham Juniors.”

“Great show, great vocals, costumes and make-up.”

“Excellent.  What a good message to get across, very impressed.”

“Very good performance.   The boy painted black (Slick) was fantastic.  Well done Year 6.”

“Shed a tear, well done Year 6.”

“Absolutely fantastic.  Loved it.”


Oliver! – 15th & 16th December 2014

“Excellent singing, congratulations to Mrs Fletcher and all the children”.

“Excellent. Lovely to see all the children involved.  They obviously enjoyed themselves”.

“Wonderful performance.  The children obviously enjoyed it.  Many thanks to you all for all the hard work and effort that goes into something like this”.

“Lovely singing and acting, we enjoyed the show”.


“Children and staff worked very hard, fantastic”.

“Please sir can I have some more?”  “We could have had some more!  What fun, lovely singing and superb acting”.

“Very enjoyable production, it was obvious how hard everyone had worked, well done!”.

“Brilliant, wonderful, they all did very well, very proud”.

“Excellent!!  Well done!!”.

“Brilliant performance, children were great and sang really well”.

“Really enjoyable performance, well done everyone”.


Bonfire Lunch – November 2014

“Very nice dinner.  Great to have these lunch opportunities, always enjoyable.  Well done and thank you to all involved.”

“Very nice food.”

“Lunch was delicious.  Thank you.  Plenty of food, lovely veg, great company.”


“Great fun, food was lovely.”

“The food was very nice, thank you very much.”

“Lunch was delicious, thank you.  It was lovely to see happy children eating well and their parents.  Fantastic bonfire and firework table decorations too.”

“Wonderful treat to come to lunch, food excellent.”

“Lovely to spend some time with my son during school.”

“The food was lovely, not at all like the school lunches I remember from my school years.  I love coming in and spending time with the children.  More of the same please!”

“A lovely lunch, thank you.  The table decorations looked lovely.”

“Excellent dinner. Fab decorations. I enjoyed the firework dinner, thank you.”

“Epic dinner.”

“The food was great and the hospitality was fantastic, thanks.”

“I enjoyed eating lunch with my sons.”

“Yummy roast dinner with my sons.  Had an explosive time!!”

“Tables look lovely, food was delicious.”

“Very nice food.  Nice being able to see the children at lunchtime.”

“Enjoyed having lunch with my granddaughters.”

“I would just like to thank you for a fantastic bonfire lunch, the atmosphere was great, all of the staff had obviously worked very hard and the kids really enjoyed it, thanks again”

Open Afternoon – July 2014

“The children are very enthusiastic about their learning and topics.  Very well done.”

“Great idea.  Lovely to see all children participating in all different activities.  Well done.”

“What a lovely Open Afternoon!  The children were wonderful and very helpful.  I saw some lovely work around the school.  Thank you.”

“All the children did very well, were all very confident in what they were telling us.”

“I had fantastic fun.  The collages are brilliant and I have discovered my maths needs improvement.”

“It was lovely watching how enthusiastic the children are about their learning.”

“Always a pleasure to see the children having fun learning.  Best part is watching the children showing each other what they have learnt.”

“Lovely to see so much enthusiasm, lovely atmosphere.”

“I really enjoyed coming in and seeing the children in their learning environment.  The information they gave me to help complete the tasks was excellent, well done.”



Big Momma Performed by Year 6 Pupils – July 2014

“Most enjoyable and educational, loved the singing.”

“Very, very good.  It showed a lot of work had gone into Big Momma.”

“So impressed with how hard the staff and pupils had worked.  Props and costumes amazing too.”

“They all did brilliantly, really enjoyed it.”

“Amazing production, as ever, fantastic.”

“Very entertaining, costumes well made and the children seem to enjoy themselves.”

“Loved it.”

“Amazing they remembered all of the songs, found it very moving.  Great story line.”


Sam and Sammy’s Shammy Double Whammy Production by the Year 5 Girls – May 2014

“I think our girls did everybody proud. The effort and team work that was put into the show was clear for everyone to see.  They were having lots of fun. Well done to school for helping them.”

“Pleasure to see and listen to.  Very good.”

“Absolutely fantastic all the girls did a fab job.”

“The girls performance was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“After only three weeks, what an achievement, well done all.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable.  All the cast were very brave and looked as if they had a great time. 10/10.”

“Absolutely brilliant, all the girls did so well.  Well done school of organising such a great play.”



Open Afternoon – March 2014


“Once again a brilliant afternoon, wish I could spend longer!  The games year 4 did are fantastic.  Plus the maths.  Amazed at the Percussion group.  Fab!”

“Wow.  A fantastic amount of learning.  The diaries are brilliant.  I love the presentation of the whole book.  Something to be proud of and look back on in later years.”

“Lovely work and children seem happy, confident and pleased to share their work.”

“Excellent work, the children really knew what they were talking about. Thank you.”

“The children have taught me about main clause and subordinate clauses and using number lines.  Fab.”

“So good to see the children excited about the things they have learnt and leading the afternoon.  So good to see the teachers standing back and letting the children lead their own learning.  Loved the drumming, such fun!.”

“I very much enjoyed seeing all your class work and I was very impressed with the layout and behaviour.  Well done.”

“I enjoyed being shown all the things the children have been up to.  The children are very good at explaining and very polite.”