School Learning Council

Here you will find information on our School Council

Our School Learning Council meets each half term with Mrs Clements. We discuss actions we would like to make in school and ask our classes for their ideas and thoughts on different topics.

This year we plan to:

  • Discuss what it means to be a successful learner and responsible member of the community.
  • Visit another school to find out about how they learn.
  • Undertake a risk assessment so that we can use our playground area successfully.
  • Help our teachers plan exciting topics.
  • Make sure that our footprint is seen around the school and community, including organising events and attending events and conferences.

Meet the School Learning Council…

At each meeting held we record minutes of our discussions and actions we wish to take. These will be found here…

Please click any of the links for our minutes…

School Year 2016-2017

School Year 2016-2017

School Year 2015-2016

School Year 2014-2015

If you would like to be a member of our School Learning Council, read the job description and think about applying.