At Mengham Junior School, we recognise that there may be times in a child’s life when they may experience events and periods in time that can impact on their emotional wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on knowing your children well and, as a whole school staff, we aim to develop positive relationships with them and you, their families. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues and ensure that difficulties are discussed and resolved in the best possible way to remove any barriers to learning.

This may include support for children within a group or on an individual basis or support for members of, or the whole family.

Support for a child may include:

  • Participating in our Nurture Group
  • Read to Dogs support
  • Thrive
  • Emotional Literacy Support from our school ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)
  • A referral and subsequent targeted support from a specialist agency (Hampshire Youth Access, MIND, Simon Says, school nurse)

Support for a parent or family may include:

  • A phone call with our Home School Link Worker or ELSA
  • A drop in session with our Home School Link Worker
  • A referral and subsequent targeted support from a specialist agency (MIND, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Southern Domestic Abuse Services, the Family Support Service).

Before any intervention begins, a member of the school team will contact you to discuss any identified needs and allow you to share your thoughts and feelings about how your child may be best supported moving forward.


Link to our Mental Health Support page.