Computing Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

At Mengham Junior School, we endeavour to provide our pupils with the skills to problem solve in the wider world and the ability to broaden their knowledge. We use different hardware, (e.g. laptops, iPads, VR headsets, Crumble) and software, (e.g. Google Classroom, iMovie, Scratch) to give our pupils confidence in the use of technology to become successful lifetime learners.

Pupils are taught to think logically about algorithms and programming using Scratch (in combination with Phil Bagge’s Code-it models) from simple instructions to more intricate selection. The complexity of their programming increases throughout the year and includes cross-curricular projects with DT. Pupils are introduced to photo editing, word processing, presentation skills using slideshows and video and data handling using spreadsheets. Their expertise is enhanced by using these in other curriculum subjects. Online safety and our Think then Click policy is a fundamental part of our pupils’ learning and is specifically addressed through taking part in Safer Internet Day.

Our pupils will be able to continue their learning using the skills and knowledge gained. They will have experienced a wide variety of technology and be prepared for future developments. The logic and problem-solving challenges presented to our pupils throughout their time at Mengham Junior School will develop their perseverance and ability to explore possible solutions. In our increasingly online community, our pupils’ understanding of how to safeguard their virtual wellbeing and respect that of others is paramount to becoming responsible online citizens.

Curriculum Map – Computing

Skills Progression in Computing