Art Curriculum at Mengham Junior School

At Mengham Junior School, supporting children to become confident artists is a vital part of the school’s teaching of communication skills. The children’s technical artistic skills are developed across the year groups to enable them to be confident to express themselves.  This helps them feel part of the rich, world-wide artistic community and allows them to use other artists ideas for inspiration. By inspiring children’s appreciation of art and enjoying doing it, the hope is that children will always be able to draw on the creativity they have tapped, whether it is working in the arts or using the creative thinking and skills they have learnt in other fields.

The art curriculum has been adapted to ensure that the children develop their technical skills. Sketchbooks are used to support their Learning Journey and enable them to realise that art is a process that grows from an initial idea until the creative idea is finished. Children become part of the artistic community by learning about well-known and less well-known names from art history and today. These artists provide inspiration for them, helping them develop their technical skills and their own artistic styles. Mengham Junior school is very aware of how art can connect to the community around them and the whole school enjoys being part of the National Art Trail every spring. Units have also been planned which enable children to make use of the school grounds in their art work. Mengham offers an after-school art club to allow the children further opportunities to share and appreciate each other’s talents and abilities.  A dedicated art room in school ensures the children can experiment with a range of easily accessible media.   Trips to an art gallery with workshops give the children historical background while extending their art skills.

The children become successful learners by practising art, which improves their memory, cognitive and motor skills as well as mastering drawing and painting skills. In conjunction with teaching technical artistic skills, children have support, if necessary, to overcome their feelings that they are not good artists, and to understand that their work is valuable to themselves and others. This leads to greater confidence and acceptance of difference.  By studying a range of artistic styles from different cultures and eras, the children can learn about community and the role that art plays within it.

Curriculum Map – Art   

Skills Progression in Art