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Long Term Curriculum Map

Whole School Curriculum Map 2021 – 2022 

At Mengham Junior School we follow the national curriculum. However, it is underpinned by our aims and aspirations. Our children are taught key skills through topics which they help to design through enquiry (we teach our children how to discover information for themselves). Every year group starts their topic with a “hook” and will undertake a visit or have a speaker to support their learning. All of our topics end with an exciting outcome and an invitation to parents to be taught by their child!

Teachers use a range of styles when teaching to ensure our children are engaged in their learning and the children are taught to work collaboratively and to improve their skills of learning and communication so securing high quality work from themselves and others. We share child friendly learning questions for all lessons with the children and these are supported by clear “steps for success” which show the children what they need to do in lessons in order to be successful and also supports self-evaluation.

Effective cross curicular links are made where relevant to show our children how the subjects are related and opportunities are taken to learn maths and English in a real life context. Our classroom environments support topic learning and we aim to use our extensive grounds as part of children’s learning experiences. The curriculum at Mengham Junior School works toward inspiring lifelong learning and preparing our children for the future. 

Each year team has a Long Term Curriculum Map which show the units of work to be taught. Using assessment for learning, means that our curriculum design may be subject to change. From the Long Term Curriculum Map a Termly Map is produced by each year team. This demonstrates the learning questions which will lead the learning for the term in each subject.

Each subject manager also has a Subject Specific Curriculum Map showing the specific skills and topics being covered in their subject across the whole school. These will be developed over the year.

Our subjects may be delivered in a block or through regular weekly lessons or any combination of the two methods based on the needs of the children and the nature of the unit of work.

For all subjects, year teams plan learning journeys together to ensure equality of opportunity is achieved within and across year groups. However, our teachers adapt planning to meet the individual needs of the children that they teach. All lessons are differentiated to 3 levels of need but individual high achievers or children with very special needs are planned for individually. Our teachers closely monitor pupil progress and learning within lessons and over the course of a unit of work. Teachers adjust lessons and units based on this continuous feedback and assessment. Maths and English is taught daily in ability groups. These groups are fluid and relate to an individual child’s rate of learning as well as their potential attainment for that subject.

Inclusive determination is part of our ethos and close tracking of progress of vulnerable groups and individuals leads to appropriate and effective support strategies. 

If parents and carers would like more details about aspects of the curriculum, then please speak to your child’s class teacher.